Make a Stone Planter (Hypertufa)

March 14, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Woodburn Art Center

Spring Fever?  Can’t want to get into the Garden?  We have a fun project for you.  Make a rock-like planter from lightweight masonry mix to add to your yard.  This can be made to look like many things.  A drilled rock (and who can afford THAT).  Or a stone trough that looks like an antique. It can be cast into a giant leaf shape.  Use it to hold a bonsai plant, bulbs or succulents.  It adds a nice bit of texture to your garden.

Please bring a box, plastic bowl or other item you want to use as the “form” for your planter. The teacher will have some things but maybe not exactly what you want. If you have questions about what to bring you can ask Beth during Mondays open studio
You will need to come pick up your finished item a week later to give it time to cure.
Bring totally waterproof gloves tough enough to handle the mixture. (Dish washing gloves are ok)  Wear old clothes you don’t care about. We will be grubby together