Silk Painting; a Scarf or other item, Day 1

February 14, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Woodburn Art Center
$30 plus cost of scarf or item

Due to drying time for resist class is held on two days, Feb 14 and Feb 15

Make something beautiful, art that you can wear. This creative and oh-so-beautiful art form can be worn or used to decorate your home. Make a one of a kind scarf, a unique painting, or decorate a satin pillow case, even make a lamp shade.
The possibilities are endless as to what you can make, the instructor will show ideas of what could be done in pictures and examples.

There are ready made items available that can be ordered so you can dye them. Shirts, Chemise, shorts, pillowcase or a shawl.

First time students will start with a scarf to gain an idea of what is possible.

Day One; is putting down a paint like resist that holds the dye contained.  This will dry overnight. This can be simple or complex. The time involved could be much less then what is scheduled for this class if you choose simple.

Day Two; will be painting with the dyes, using techniques to add texture, blending colors and learning how to finish and care for your lovely one of a kind item