Painting in Watercolor using an Abstract Start

Due to the transparent qualities of watercolors, I find it fun and exciting to start many of my paintings with abstract starts. The abstract shapes and colors, applied first, come through the subjects adding color, texture, contrast, and interest that would not otherwise have been in the finished piece. There are numerous ways to begin abstract watercolors but, I have found using thin manilla board and blue painters tape a great way to start my paintings and end up with exciting results. In this class I will teach the steps that I use and hopefully, you will have fun and rewarding results as well.

What to bring to class:  An image that you want to work with. Have your image drawn out onto your paper and bring a reference photo. Try to have your line drawing take up 2/3 of the picture plane.  I will send you a line drawing that you can use with a reference photo just before class begins, if you choose to use my drawing and photo.

Paper you like to use. I enjoy using Arches 140 lb. Cold press or Hot press paper. If you have other brands you like, please fee free to try them out. Some fun sizes to work with are 16” x 20”, 18” x 18”, 10” x 10”. I often try to use standard wood panel sizes that I can glue my paintings on to to frame them up. I usually purchase full sheets of watercolor paper and then cut or tear the sizes I want to use. If you are not familiar using wood panels to attach your work to, I will be glad to show you how I use them. 

A roll of blue painters tape in a 1” wide roll. Pair of scissors that cut paper easily.

Paints:  Bring tubes of your favorite colors. Five to six colors work great. Some of my favorite colors are French ultramarine blue, new gamboge, phthalo green, cobalt teal, alizarin crimson, orange. You will be mixing these paints with water in small plastic or paper cups to paint your abstract start. Bring along your watercolors that you normally work with. Make sure your abstract start paints are in this palette as well.

Brushes:  Bring your normal brushes that you normally work with and a one to two inch brush to use with your cups of paint for the abstract back ground.

Regular watercolor supplies:  Paper towels, water container, gator board, or whatever you like to use to tape your painting to paint on.

Materials I will provide:  Manilla board, Plastic cups, Blow dryers, Salt for texture, Rubber cement glue

Bring a sack lunch.

Questions: call me or e-mail me. 503 318-0993,

Cost:  | When:  $75 | May 11, 2024  9am to 4 pm

May 11 @ 09:00
09:00 — 16:00 (7h)

Woodburn Art Center

Jeannine Miller

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