Paint Pouring


Students will learn how to mix, layer, and pour acrylic paint on canvas. Instructor will teach how to prep your canvas and demonstrate various techniques (up to five different ways) to pour paint. This class is intended for any level of audience, no prior knowledge on the subject is required! Paint pouring is a unique way to create flowing patterns without having to use a paint brush at all.


  1. Acrylic paint: brands like Artist Loft or Master’s Touch are good brands to go with and they can be found at either Hobby Lobby or Michaels. BRING PLENTY OF WHITE PAINT and up to six different colors for variety, primary: red, yellow, blue and secondary colors: purple and green work great too! Or, bring six of your favorite color paints!

  1. One bottle of 16 oz. of white Acrylic paint

  2. Six bottles of 8 oz. of acrylic paints. Try to stay away from “Americana Gloss Enamels” brand, usually found at Walmart. Does not work well for what we will be doing.

  1. Canvas: make sure they are wrap around! (you can find these at your local craft stores including Miachaels and Hobby Lobby)

  1. Bring one 11” x 14” canvas wrap around

  2. Bring two 12” x 16” canvas wrap around

  1. Gloves: preferably the nitrile gloves so you have a good grip on your work

  2. Apron: not needed, but more than welcome to bring

  3. Craft sticks: bring jumbo size, the ones the doctors use for tongue depressors

  4. Push Pins: bring 20 of them (used to support canvas when pouring)


  1. Pouring medium for thinning paint

  2. Various size cups (4oz/8oz/16oz)

  3. Silicone oil additives

  4. Paper towels

  5. Painters tape/low tack (masking tape)

  6. Open flame torch


Cost:  | When:  $40 class + $10 Materials / June 2  9am – 2pm

June 2 @ 09:00
09:00 — 14:00 (5h)

Woodburn Art Center

Jesus Escobar

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