Exploring Acrylic

Since their development in the 1934, acrylic paints have been steadily providing new and wonderful possibilities to artists and makers. This fast-drying medium comes in a variety of textures and viscosities to suit painting and mixed media on a wide range of surfaces.


Session 1. An intro to the basics of using this paint, and discovering the wide variety of textural additives. What will it do and not do for your art practice. A simple still life using some of this information will be completed in class.

Session 2. Using a more complex image, uses of glazing, underpainting and textural technique will be explored in a small landscape. Your photo reference or use one of mine.

Session 3. Using what you have learned in the first two classes, and developing ideas for mixed media, collage and metalic techniques, expand your use of acrylic with other media and surfaces.

What do I provide?

Quality acrylic paints, palettes and supplies, 11 x14 and/or 12 x12 surfaces. A sampling of mediums and additives, images, and some brushes. And 50 years of using this medium.

Bring an apron or overshirt, acrylic brushes. And any acrylics you may have.



Cost:  | When:   Studio supply Fee $15.    Class fee $90 for 3 sessions. | Saturday Nov 4, 11, 18 Time 1-4

November 4 @ 13:00
13:00 — 16:00 (3h)

Woodburn Art Center

Linda Chatfield BFA MS Art Ed